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In 1999, in the picturesque village of Ia in Santorini, we created the Kalimera Oia (Καλημέρα Οία in Greek) art gallery. “Kalimera Oia” is something special that many people appreciated whereas others tried to imitate.
The thing that makes it special is the unique handcrafts made by Katerina and Takis (Ypatios)(owners of “Kalimera Oia”). Katerina and Takis create their artifacts with love and care for all those who wish to acquire one of them.
It is also “Kalimera Oia”’s interior decoration that is worth seeing, comprising traditional wooden furniture and objects that generate feelings of coziness along with images of a foregone era.
A both distinctive and unique element of the gallery is Katerina’s painting on wooden objects such as windows, doors, sun-blinds, launders (regardless of their former use). These objects originally come from old –though now renovated- houses of Ia (captain-houses and cave-houses) which were built between 1814 and 1965.

Takis conserves old pieces of wood and protects them from time decay in order for them to be repainted. Those collectors’ creations will bring memories to their owners from the renowned, for its beauty, island of Santorini.
During all the years that Kalimera Ia has been around, visitors of Santorini from all over the world were attracted by our creations and obtained unique pieces. Katerina holds a small but hospitable workshop, also a place of creation and source of inspiration for her paintings.
Kalimera Oia addresses  to all those who would like to obtain handmade artifacts made with care and love.

Our works are shipped safely and smartly all over the world on a weekly basis. We constantly try to do our best in order to achieve a reasonable pricing policy. By purchasing one of those pieces, you will also get the artist’s concern for his work along with an instruction manual, regarding the artifacts’ conservation.


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