The artist



  Katerina Drosou was born in 1977 in Athens.  She grew up in Santorini in the area of Oia, where she originally comes from. Ever since she was a child she had an air for art. She developed her talent during her 9 school years and at the same time she attended lessons at various art schools. In time,she developed her own style.She differed from the rest, by the quality of her work,at exhibitions in Athens as well as Cyclades. She accomplished studying Finance, which did not win her heart and as a result she moved to Santorini permanently,in order to occupy herself with a paintbrush and an easel, the talent that enchanted and completed her as a person.

  In 1999 she inaugurated the opening of her personal area of creation and exhibition of her works. Since then she has been aiming to differ and be original. She pioneered the art of painting on old doors and windows of old houses in Oia, that belonged to Captains, as well as of old traditional wineries. Her creations were inspired mainly from the physical beauty of the island and her grandfather’s traditional winery. With unimpaired inspiration and interest she continues to create unique pieces with particular (emotion) and collective value guided by her taste and her love for art and her island.